The International Society of The Fetus as a Patient is an interdisciplinary group of physicians who are dedicated to improving all aspects of fetal diagnosis and therapy. The Society is the brainchild of Asim Kurjak, who saw the need for such an international organization of leaders who enjoy teaching and learning from each other. From its beginnings in Sveti Stefan in 1984, the international congresses have been exciting educational experiences for all who have participated. The congresses have refreshed the minds, as well as the spirits, of all so that they can return home with new knowledge and new energy, providing optimal care for fetal patients throughout the world. While the international board is limited to 50 active members, the number of invited speakers and participants is limitless. All speakers participate without honorarium and pay for their own travel expenses. Perhaps one reason that the society has flourished for so long is that there is no treasury, making voluntary participation and the vision of the local organizers the centerpiece of the meetings. This is a great recipe for success. Each year the bar is set higher and higher for the quality of presentations and the quality of professional experiences. The recent 2013 meeting in Jakarta , Indonesia was truly exceptional in so many ways as all who attended will always treasure the warm hospitality. We look forward with anticipation to 2014 where we will celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of our society. These yearly congresses are complemented by courses and textbooks, which expand the reach and global impact of our society.


Frank A. Chervenak, M.D., President
International Society of The Fetus as a Patient